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Details of the Holiday Literature Annotation Workshop are as follows:

Lower Secondary Comprehension Skills & Question Types Workshop

This course will teach comprehension skills and techniques for both narrative and non-narrative text. 
*refer below for details

The dates and time of the lessons are:

Mon  8 Nov    9 - 10.30am
Wed  10 Nov  9 - 10.30am
Thu   11Nov   9 - 10.30am
Fri     12 Nov  9 - 10.30am

Cost: $300
Venue: Online

Details of course:
1 Extracting relevant details, phrases and words.

2 Inferring Character Feelings, Attitudes and Other Aspects.

3 Paraphrasing and using “your own words”

4 Explaining fully (and with detail)

5 Understanding Figurative Language and Language Use for Effect.