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Global Studies And Current Affairs Programme

Introducing Global Studies and Current Affairs at Eureka Edvantage

With decades of English and Humanities teaching experience at Eureka Edvantage, we clearly notice an alarming trend that Secondary and Post-Secondary students are severely impeded in their writing by the lack of exposure to information or an inadequate understanding of relevant and reliable real-world ideas. This affects students' ability to express themselves in writing argumentative essays, or inhibits students inference in critically factual passages. In the end, they may craft ineffective arguments, struggle with elaborating on their points, or present their ideas from a myopic perspective. 
Most students are unwilling or unable to spend enough time to develop regular reading habits, and even more of them are reluctant to engage with newspaper articles, biographies or written commentaries in magazines. This contributes to students' continual lack of exposure, lack of  information and an inadequate understanding of relevant and reliable real-world ideas. 


Unfortunately, even enthusiastic young readers may be uninspired by what they read, fail to appreciate the complexity of ideas and perspectives, or struggle with connecting, mapping and remembering ideas and information from a range of different topics. 

From urban development to scientific advancement, technology and environmental issues, both Secondary and Post-Secondary English and Humanities students embarking on the International Baccalaureate (IB), the Integrated Programme (IP) as well as Singapore-Cambridge Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) Level Examinations require a solid foundation of content knowledge and a conceptual understanding of complex human societies and cultures, as well as the historical traditions and contemporary global problems and perspectives surrounding them.

To this end, Eureka Edvantage is proud to present the Global Studies And Current Affairs Programme: ten seminars of focused, bite-sized and thematically-structured explorations of modern ideas, trends, arguments and perspectives that shape and affect modern nations, states and societies around the world. 

Each short session of 1.5 hours targets and explores a specific theme or topic, be it immigration, inequality or injustice, with each seminar elaborating and expounding on current, global and local concerns, questions and debates on the issue. 

Relying on a combination of documentary (videographic), photographic and textual material, our multimodal approach to content delivery is aimed at being both comprehensive and comprehensible, building up the curiosity and confidence of learners, consistently, to appreciate the complexity and connection between ideas.

As any single seminar is delivered as a standalone and self-contained lesson, students may conveniently choose to enrol in and attend discrete and separate sessions, instead of attending them in a continuous or sequential order.

Come join us this November and December for an enriching and enjoyable engagement with Global Studies and Current Affairs! 

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